Splitscreen Van Seatbelts

Seatbelts are not required in vans before 1965 which is great when your young carefree and single but the when the inevitable happens and children appear you are left with a headache on how to keep your little ones safe and within the law.

Here is a guide on regulations and camper vans although not definitive and at the end of day what price do you put on your childs safety.

  • If you intend to carry children aged 12 years or under, the seat belt wearing regulations require them to use a suitable child restraint. You should bear in mind that child restraints cannot be fitted to side facing seats.  In order to fit the required child restraints, you would need to have forward or rearward facing seats with seat belts.
  • All vehicles manufactured since 2001 must have seat belts fitted for each passenger.  If you have added seats (i.e camper van) you are outside of this law.
  • You do not need to fit seat belts for passengers in the back, however, if you are carrying passengers in the back you must discuss and declare this to your insurance company.  It is very likely that your insurance company will not let you travel with passengers in the back unless they are in forward facing seats and have a seat belt.
  • Seat belts must be used whenever fitted, with no exception.
  • It is highly advised to fit seat belts to all forward facing seats.
  • It is highly advised to never let passengers travel in side facing seats, as the effects of whiplash and other impact related injuries are very severe from the side.

The 66 Junkyard has 2 point lap belt seatbelts in the front cab already and in the rear it has the seatbelt monting points so I bought 3 Securon 217E Lap Belt with Securon spacers which are long enough to go round the rock n roll bed. Both the Britax Eclipse and Prince child seats accept 2 point lap belts and can be used for children 9kg – 18kg or 9m to 4 years so it’s a quick fix until you can install 3 point belts and or isofix bracket. I have used the ford focus isofix adapter successfully it is widely available on eBay and reasonably priced but you will have to engineer a solution to bolt it securely to your wagon.

I am going to have to come up with a solution for the Firetruck a 64 van with no provision for seatbelts so will update the post later once it’s done.

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