Beetle Dropped Spindles

Managed to find some time to fit the dropped spindles,  relatively simple job but you need a ball joint splitter. While doing the job I discovered my ball joints were shot so ordered some new ones and visited Stefan from the visit newly setup Forces Re-engineered to get them done.

Not the greatest picture but looks much better now it is sitting lower up front.


There is a you-tube video here gives you a good idea on how to fit your lowered spindles.

Basically you loosen off your front wheels, jack up the front, put it on axle stands. Now remove your wheels, take off your centre caps, remove the calipers, remove the and disc, remove the disc baking plate and the bare spindle should now be exposed, undo the bottom shock nut and remove the bottom shock from its mount. Now undo the two 19mm nuts on both ball joints, using the ball joint removal tool crack them off, lastly  undo the 19mm nut on the trailing arm and crack this off with the ball joint removal tool your spindle should now be free. Fitting is the reverse with the exception of the disc backing plates which are no longer used.


Beetle Clutch Woes

With the clutch and gears giving me no end of grief it was time to investigate, so engine out to discover the thrust bearing had failed no idea how as the rest of clutch looked fine. As I had predicted the worse, I had already bought a complete clutch kit so changed everything anyway. I was going to sort my leaking flywheel oil seal too but for love nor money could not budge it so that will have to be another day. Clutch back in all is good again and me a happy boy.

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