About me – Life is full of twists and turns and after leaving the Army, scratching a career in telecoms, a failed marriage meeting my new partner getting hitched again and having my first child things are not too shabby. I am a farther, husband, long time classic VW enthusiast who has rediscovered a passion for cycling . . . this site is basically my ramblings.

Why Telecoms – I never really choose the profession it choose me really, I left school with the aspirations of joining the Army flying helicopters. It never happened I worked for an Apple computer dealer for a short time before joining the Army,  and the Royal Corp of Signals as what was then A Radio Telegraphist. After 5 years I left to make my way in the civilian world, worked in a few jobs before I got my break with Octel Communications, they were fortunately bought by Lucent who became Avaya  and I have been in this environment ever since working for business partners.

Why Volkswagens – well from a young age my brothers and I have been fiddling with cars in all shapes and sizes. One day one of my brothers bough a 1970 1500 Beetle he was restoring while training as a mechanic. We started buying custom car and then Volksworld appeared on the scene and before we knew it were making the annual trips to the early Bugjam’s and that was it I was hooked and since then have owned all manor of Volkswagens.

Why Cycling – as a young man I used to go everywhere on my bike it gave me the transport and freedom to go anywhere. As with many things life got in the way and I started using the car more and more and cycling fell by the wayside. Now as an older gentleman who was putting on a few pounds, I have rediscovered my love for cycling to keep fit active and enjoy.

Thanks for visting . . .

Darren, Lisa & Ceara