VW T4 2.5 TDI Transporter

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My wife is a child minder and wanted a T4 to transport the children around in. I must admit buying a T4 I was a little out of my depth and when we bought this 2000 LHD multi-van and it came with a host of problems.

  • Inter-cooler bracket was missing so ordered and fitted.
  • Both bonnet hinges were cracked and replaced.
  • Found a water leak which was as a result of the oil cooler being bypassed so had to replace these and the oil cooler and oil filter.
  • Thermostat replaced and new coolant added.
  • Replaced coolant reservoir and various water pipes.
  • Fixed fuel leak and replaced fuel filter..
  • Had timing and auxiliary belts replaced by local garage.
  • Exhaust & down-pipe (discovered they had welded d-cat pipe to down-pipe arrghhh!).
  • Rear brake discs and pads need replacing.
  • Nearside drive shaft had to be replaced started knocking.

Eventually the van just cost us more and more money Cali Campers bought it in the end so it will be keeping other T4’s on the road in the long run.


VW 64 Fire Truck Comes Home . . .

With the main body paint finished, it was time for the Fire truck to come out of the workshop and back home to start re-assembly. The cargo doors, tailgate and engine lid still need painting but apart from that we can set about finding and putting parts back on.

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