VW 64 Fire Truck Comes Home . . .

With the main body paint finished, it was time for the Fire truck to come out of the workshop and back home to start re-assembly. The cargo doors, tailgate and engine lid still need painting but apart from that we can set about finding and putting parts back on.

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VW 64 Fire Truck Final Paint …

Progress the van is all but painted and ready to come home, we just need to rectify a couple of blemishes on one of the cargo doors and the engine hatch. The front beam is back on, along with it’s wheels but no steering rack as of yet. Still need to do some work on the bumpers window frames and a whole lot of other stuff but were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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VW 64 FireTruck Panel Van

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I first purchased this 1964 VW split screen panel van over 10 years ago now. It was a fully functioning ex German fire truck with only 16000km on it’s original 1500 single port engine. The van was a novelty at the time when commercials, particularly panel vans were not so sort after.

After registering it in the UK, I ran the van as is for a while as it was, but long term I wanted to use it to camp in and set about stripping the fire equipment and selling it on to someone restoring there’s.

The first job was to upgrade the electrics to 12 volt,  followed by paneling the sides in ply and fitting a full length rock n roll bed. I added a split charge relay and battery and thanks to a fortunate find on ebay replaced the steel wheels and mud & snow tyres with EMPI replica’s and low profile tyres before taking the van over to Justyn of Wagonworks to lower.  Engine wise it runs the stock 1500 single port with the addition of twin 34 Dellorto FRD carburettors (baby dells) and an extractor exhaust system.

That’s pretty much how it has stayed over the years and while attending the various shows, camping trips etc over the years the British climate has started taking its toll so it was decided to give it a bit of an overhaul which has so far taken 4 years.