Junkyard Racked And Repaired . . .

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The Junkyard has been a fantastic workhorse taking us to shows, camping trips and alike but after our last adventure was getting a tad noisy so time for some investigation.

Suspecting a leaking carburettor or exhaust, I removed the carburettors and the gaskets looked shot but after further investigation discovered the J Tube is leaking on the rear near number 1, I have ordered up a new exhaust and replacement gaskets. so have ordered some replacements.

I removed the J Tubes and refitted with new gaskets, then fitted the replacement EMPI single pack and header exhaust system which all went on without a hitch. I then set about replacing the gaskets and refitting the carburettors and linkage. Run it up and tuned it by hand best I could get it and it is running fine again.

I had also picked up my new roof rack and ladder fabricated by Keith a member of our local VW club and what a fantastic job he’s done. Never been the greatest fan of roof racks but with a family it¬†becomes a bit of a necessity with all the gear you end up bringing with you and this metal rack suited the bill.

Last but not least gave the van a fresh coat of collinite wax to preserve the patina as they say our next stop will be Camper & Bus show at Eastnor Castle so till then.