Roseland Peninsula Camping Trip

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This year we thought we would give Arthurs Field a go, so we booked up a few weeks before and were excitedly waiting to set off. The day we did was scorching hot and we were presented with a horrendous 6 hour journey thanks to a mixture of traffic and a bit of engine trouble, the right hand carburettor coming out of balance probably as a result of an exhaust leak making the engine run very hot but it got us there and we ended up going over the King Harry Ferry which was very nice breather.

Anyway the campsite was well worth it, the owners were really friendly and the views out to sea were fantastic.  We set up camp and to our surprise Ceara started her first unaided steps and at her no found ability to walk she decided she had to walk everywhere including introducing herself to everyone on the campsite if they like it or not, fortunately the general atmosphere and friendliness around the camp was very good.  The shower and toilet facilities are very basic but more than adequate and there is a fish and chip night which is very popular which was received greatly but you have to get there early or miss out.

Due to the van being a bit of a pig we decided to use it as less as possible which was generally a good thing forcing us to walk everywhere. The hardest of all was the ferry trip across to St Mawes wasn’t particularly far away but pushing a buggy up and down hilly footpaths in scorching heat made it hard going. The ferry trip across was well worth it and we did have a good time. Along the week we visited some of the local beaches and villages and generally had a relaxing time would recommend it and hopefully we will return one day.